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Senwill Cosmetic Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

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Senwill Cosmetic Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.




Since the establishment in 2002, it has been always get aligned as the company’s quintessence of having the most efficient and cost effective management.

Current Business Trends

Associated with well-trained workforce to maintain and perform the business flows in giving assurance of daily tasks are accomplished professionally.


Our pride has taken to a higher level of honor in offering a selective series and varieties ranging from skin care, hair care, beauty and cosmetics, healthy food and nutritional supplements.

Future Business Trends


There is no one knows better than us to suit a greater and bigger need for the future market trends. The production of healthy supplements and pharmaceutical products known as the additional onto the product trays in 2015 which are expected to boom in 2017.The modern population is in a high demand for pharmaceutical produce for the means to resolve modern ailments.


Slimming coffee, maca coffee and healthy coffee are considered as the nutritional supplements better known for its new selection of functional product. The healthy coffee, literally and specifically formulated as the healthy beverage aims to help diabetic patients.

Business Market Trends


This very unique Malaysian home brand is headquartered in Penang, Malaysian second largest and the island city situated in the north of Peninsula Malaysia. The brand has been growing rapidly for the past thirteen years not just only nationwide but also regional wide, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and China.


Within the time frame of five years from 2010, the halal home brand has pleasurable move on a right path to record a real tremendous development into other regions, a few to be named are Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Turkey. The great news in the year of 2015, the brand keeps its foothold in Iran and Kazakhstan. Sooner or later, the products will penetrate into new more countries.